Mountain hut Kráľova hoľa

Show on map (48°52'57.3377"N, 20°8'24.2765"E)
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In the communications tower´s building, you can find a room that may help only in necessary needs. The hut is not always open.

Accommodation information

  • Accommodation type: Mountain hut
  • Zone: Low Tatras
  • Village place:
  • Food: without catering
  • Min. price: 0.00
  • Capacity: 6
  • Rating:
    1 2 3 4 5

The building under the communications tower has available one room with two wooden benches, a radiator, and water. You will need your own sleeping bag. The accommodation is free. Makeshift accommodation isn´t available every day. Isn´t recommend to plan overnight stay in Kráľova hole (more information about TV vysílači Kráľova hoľa at, more information about peak are available at

Position and range

  • main ridge red trail
  • from Šumiaca blue trail (3:05)
  • from Telgárt red trail (3:05) green trail (3:35)



Mountain hut Kráľova hoľa
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GPS coordinates: (48°52'57.3377"N, 20°8'24.2765"E)


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