Mountain hut Schronisko on Hali Kondratowej

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Schronisko on Hali Kondratowej is the smallest hut in Polish Tatras. The hut offers accommodation with food.

Accommodation information

  • Accommodation type: Mountain hut
  • Zone: West Tatras
  • Village place:
  • Min. price: 9.00
  • Capacity: 20
  • Rating:
    1 2 3 4 5

The hut has space for 20 guests. Buffet and dining hall are included in the hut. Everyday weather forecast and TOPR´s warning. Good place for trips to the Giewont, Bystrá valley, and Kopa Kondrackova.

Position and range

  • from Kuźnice blue trail (1:25)
Accessories building



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Mountain hut Schronisko on Hali Kondratowej
skr. poczt. 197
34-500 Zakopane


telefon: 0048-(0)-18-201 91 14

GPS coordinates: (49°14'59.6239"N, 19°57'6.0894"E)


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