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Mountain guides in the Tatras have been writing since the late 17th century. The official establishment dates back to 1874 when the charter of mountain guides was approved by the Carpathian Society. After the First World War, the Carpathian Society ceased to exist and KČST began to take care of leadership. After World War II, the change of political regime caused this profession to disappear. You could only meet the work of mountain guides in the mountain service.

Na Ľadovém štíte v doprovodu vůdců z Himalaya Clubu

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The Slovak National Mountain Guide Association (in 1991) was admitted to the International Association of Mountain Leader Associations (UIAGM-IVBV-IFMGA) in 1996. In Poland, leaders have been organized in Polskie Stowarzyszenie Przewodników Wysokogórskich (PSPW) since 1996. The Czech Association of Mountain Leaders is the Czech leader. Mountain guides with an international certificate from the association are undergoing thorough field testing, rich experience and high expertise. Membership allows them leadership in all the mountains of the world. You can book a guide online at our site.

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What do leaders offer you for services?

  • all year round ascents to the Tatras peaks, saddle crossings, tourist, mountaineering and ski trails
  • climbing courses, ice climbing courses or avalanche courses
  • ski-alpinist ascents to the Tatra peaks and saddles, ski crossings (haute route) or ski ascents to alpine huts
  • snowshoeing

Are you a mountain guide? We offer leaders and associations:

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