Activities in National Park


Mountaineering in the Tatras has a long tradition, these moutains are still a challenge for climbers from different countries.

The most interesting and popular climbs are e.g. to Žabí kôň (very sharp part of the ridge), Ganek (especially its part called "Galéria"), Široká veža, Žltá stena and Ostrý štít (wall-climbing in compact rock), Malý Kežmarský štít (900 meters high north wall) or Jastrabia veža (remarkable spire above the lake Zelené pleso). Climbing in National park and is allowed only to organized mountaineers (UIAA). Members of different alpinistic clubs can get a discount from accomodatiion prices at some mountain chalets.

Skiing & Skialpinism

In winter, you can find enough ski slopes and cross country skiing routes. On the one hand, there are many short and easy slopes for downhill skiing, on the other you may choose difficult slopes. The best ones are at Štrbské pleso (Park Snow), at Ždiar (Strednica) or Hrebienok. The longest slopes are in area Skalnaté pleso - Lomnické sedlo.

Skiing routes spread under the whole mountains, the biggest racing area is near Štrbské pleso (Areál snow). It is also possible to ski along the tourist paths open at that time when the snow conditions are good. In that case walking tourists must not be endangered.
Organized mountaineers can also carry out skialpinism at the time from 21.12. to 15.4. when the snow conditions are favourable and avalanche risk is not announced. For skialpinistic tour there are determined these areas:

Vysoké Tatry

  • Zbojnická chata - Priečne sedlo - Téryho chata - Baranie sedlo - Veľká Zmrzlá dolina - Chata pri Zelenom plese
  • Mlynická dolina (waterfall Skok) - Soliskové sedlo - ski slope on Predné Solisko

Západné Tatry

  • Žiarská chata - Veľké Závraty and Malé Závraty (up to Smutné sedlo and Žiarské sedlo)
  • Spálená dolina

Cyclist´s routes

Marked routes for cyclists (22) are not being built as special trails. They lead on asphalted or consolidated forest roads and tourist paths. The walking tourists have right of the way and must not be endangered by cyclists. The routes may be used by cyclist only when there´s no snow cover during the year.

For most of the routes mountain bicycles (MTB) are recommended, some of the routes can be travelled only on mountain bikes. The safety helmets are recommended. On the routes Štrbské pleso - Popradské pleso, Tatranská Polianka - Sliezsky dom a Starý Smokovec - Hrebienok observe a speed limit of 20km/hr when driving downwards.

Paragliding areas

Paragliding is allowed only:

  1. Lomnické sedlo - Skalnaté pleso - Tatranská Lomnica (from 15.12. to 15.4. and from 16.6. to 31.10.)
  2. Slavkovský nos - Smokovce - Nová Lesná v období (from 16.6. to 31.10.)
  3. Spálený žlab - downhill ski area (from 1.6. to 15.4.)
  4. Chata pod Soliskom - downhill ski area - Štrbské pleso (from 15.12. to 15.4. and from 16.6. to 31.10.)

Please, keep these rules for visitors during your stay in TANAP.



Jasná - Low Tatras

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Bachledova valley - Jezersko

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Tatranská Lomnica - High Tatras

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Jurgów – Hawrań

Ski resort Jurgów - Hawrań is located in the Polish Tatras, on the border with Slovakia. Free parking is located directly on the first-class road No. 49 (Jurgov - Nowy Targ), only 1.6 km behind the Slovak-Polish border crossing Jurgov - Podspády. ...

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Zuberec – Janovky

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Štrbské Pleso - High Tatras

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Rysy (2499 and 2503 m)

Difficult, but probably the most popular hike mainly due to the beautiful view from the top. The route is quite comfortable, but the section above the Žabie plesá lakes secured by chains might be problematic due to the large number of tourists passing in both directions. Increased attention is required to cross the snow field above the mountain hut Chata pod Rysmi. ...

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