Hotel Jasná

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Hotel jasná is one of the most prestigious hotels in Tatras. Many famous skiers were accommodated here during the World cup in 2016.

Accommodation information

  • Accommodation type: Hotel
  • Zone: Low Tatras
  • Village place:
  • Food: Half board
  • Min. price: 86.00
  • Rating:
    1 2 3 4 5

Hotel rooms are modern and fully-equipped with a modern bathroom and wardrobe.

Breakfast is served every morning. Terrace is part of the hotel.

Position and range

Hotel Jasná is located in Demänovská Dolina, 1,9 km away from the ski center Jasná.

The cable car (Jasná - Luková, Jansá - Priehyba) is only 400 meters from the hotel. Airport Poprad is 65 km far away.

Accessories building

Parking Restaurant  Deposit of valuables Internet Payment cards Massages Sauna

Accessories room

Room includes bathroom Room with toilet TV/SAT


Slovak Polish Russian English


Hotel Jasná
Demänovská Dolina 71
Liptovský Mikuláš 1
031 01


GPS coordinates: (48°57'52.4344"N, 19°35'8.4809"E)


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