Jurgów – Hawrań

Ski resort Jurgów - Hawrań is located in the Polish Tatras, on the border with Slovakia. Free parking is located directly on the first-class road No. 49 (Jurgov - Nowy Targ), only 1.6 km behind the Slovak-Polish border crossing Jurgov - Podspády.


The resort is specific with steeper slopes and views of the Belianske and High Tatras. In the area, there are two seats, four lifts, a restaurant, ski school and kindergarten, rental and service of sports equipment.



In Jurgów – Hawrań ski resort are 4,3 km of groomed slopes. 

  • Number of cableways/ski tows: 2/4
  • Length of slopes: 4 300 m
  • Difficulty: beginner 8 %, lehké easy 48 %, střední medium 22 %, těžké difficult 22 %.

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