Mountain hut pri Zelenom plese

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Mountain hut pri Zelenom plese (1551 m.) was opened in the 19th century. Near the hut is situated the first trail in Tatras. Visitors can admire the beautiful landscape.

Accommodation information

  • Accommodation type: Mountain hut
  • Zone: High Tatras
  • Village place:
  • Food: Half board
  • Min. price: 14.00
  • Capacity: 56
  • Rating:
    1 2 3 4 5

The first hut was built in 1876 in Predné Meďodoly but it was soon moved to Zelené Pleso. After 3 years the hut burned down. The newly renovated hut was opened in 1894. During hut´s history, it has many names and reconstructions. Water, bathtub, and WC are available. Guests can enjoy traditional Slovakia meals in the restaurant or visit night club in hut´s basement.

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Position and range

  • from the bus stop Biela Voda yellow trail (3:00)
  • from Skalnaté pleso (2:30)
  • from Tatranská Lomnice yellow or blue trail (3:50)
  • from Tatranské Matliare blue or yellow trail(3:30)
  • from Tatranská Kotlina green or red trail (3:30)
  • from Kopské sedlo blue or red trail (0:55)
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Mountain hut pri Zelenom plese
Tomáš Petrík
Tatranská Lomnica
059 60 Vysoké Tatry


telefon: +421 901 767 420

GPS coordinates: (49°12'36.4707"N, 20°13'16.0273"E)


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