Rules for visitors of Tatry National Park (TANAP)

The visitors of TANAP are bound by these regulations:

  1. The area of TANAP is accesible only along public roads and marked hiking paths. Visitors must keep the time and space restrictions (seasonal closure etc.). Any trips off the marked paths are allowed only when accompanied by person with valid permission for this activity issued by the Administation of TANAP (e.g. mountain guides).
  2. Mountain climbing can be carried out only by organized mountaineers on determinated places. The detailed conditions are issued by the TANAP Administration.
  3. Skiing is allowed only along marked ski routes and slopes or along the marked tourist paths open at that time (the walker has the right of way). Skiing off that routes is allowed only with permission of the TANAP Administration.
  4. Bicycle riding is allowed only along public roads and cyclist´s routes determinated and marked on cyclist maps.
  5. Parachute and sail-planes hops are allowed only after written permission of the TANAP Administration in determined areas.
  6. Camping and parking is allowed only on determined and marked places (camping and parking spots). It is not allowed to stay overnight in open air along the road and parkings.
  7. The environment of TANAP is protected as a whole. It is forbidden to pick up flowers and to damage plants of any kinds. Picking up berries is allowed only on places and during the period determined by TANAP Administration.
  8. To catch, kill or pick any kinds of animals in any of their developement stage, to disturb their life activities by noise, to feed the animals, to throw stones etc. is forbidden. It is not allowed to lead and breed dogs except of the settlements.
  9. It is forbidden to pollute the environment with waste, to wash cars, to make fire (except for the determinated places), to swim in moutain lakes and creeks, to transpose the minerals and to create stone hills and shelters.
  10. The instructions of the corresponding workers (Forrest Guard, Nature Protection Guard, Mountain Rescue Service) are binding for the visitors. The violation of the Rules is prosecuted after the corresponding regulations.


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