Zakopane - Kasprowy Wierch

The Kasprowy wierch ski resort in Zakopane is the highest ski resort on the Polish side of the High Tatras. It is especially popular with experienced skiers and snowboarders.


There are four slopes with natural snow. The longest slope is less than 6 km long. Kasprův vrch is located 5 km south of the center of Zakopane in the Kuźnice area, from where there is a cable car to Kasprův vrch. Kasprův vrch is situated directly on the Slovak-Polish border at an altitude of 1987 meters. The upper station of the cable car is located at an altitude of 1960 m.n.m. The total length of the cable car is almost 4300 m and the elevation gain is 930 m.

Directly in the building of the upper station, there is a bar, restaurant, rental, service and ski school.


In Zakopane - Kasprowy Wierch resort are 15 km of groomed slopes

  • Number of cableways/ski tows: 2/1
  • Length of slopes: 15 000 m
  • Difficulty: lehké easy 23 %, střední intermediate 57 %, těžké difficult 20 %.

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